Tea & Toast sessions

Organised by The Training Practice, Level 4, Citylink House, 53 Boulcott Street, Wellington 6140

Set your alarm clock, get on the bus and join us for Tea &Toast

You're welcome to attend our free Tea and Toast sessions. They're advertised in our monthly email newsletter, Practice Notes. They’re always from 8am - 9am, so you can call in on your way to work.

It’s the smell that gets you first – fruit toast at 7.55am.  It draws you in and keeps you coming back.  Tea and Toast is part of the Wellington ideas scene.  Since 2003, it’s fired up your morning and freshened up your thinking.

What do you leave with?  A fresh injection of ideas, and energy.

Tea &Toast is our chance to share our research and new ideas.  It’s a different topic each time ranging from emotional intelligence, creative thinking, workplace wellness, leadership, engagement, public sector updates - a real smorgasbord of edgy and challenging thinking.  And there’s usually a strong dash of humour as well.  Who comes?  All sorts.  The regulars, known as "Toasties", are leaders and learners who become old friends.