About Us

PACE Inc was formed in 1991 in response to the demand for a formal organisation where PAs to Chief Executives could promote their role as a professional body and be able to meet as a collective with their contemporaries.

Being aware that titles for senior PA positions were many and varied, it was agreed that the description Professional Assistant (PA) would cover all aspects of the role. The focus would be at the Chief Executive (CE) level and the group would be proactive and energetic ("pace"), so the name PACE was established!

Our Purpose

To LeadAdvocate and Support

We do this by...

  • building relationships through connecting
  • raising the profile of our profession
  • evolving with change
  • leading, supporting and inspiring others
  • knowledge sharing through educating and mentoring
  • continually improving.

PACE offers members the opportunity to develop and advance professionally, and also allows growth on a personal level.

PACE believes professional assistants have an amazingly wide range of skills to offer and, as a collective, are an extremely powerful and influential group.

To join now, visit http://pace.org.nz/user/register