About Us

PACE Inc was formed in 1991 in response to the demand for a formal organisation where PAs to Chief Executives could promote their role as a professional body and be able to meet as a collective with their contemporaries.

Being aware that titles for senior PA positions were many and varied, it was agreed that the description Professional Assistant (PA) would cover all aspects of the role. The focus would be at the Chief Executive (CE) level and the group would be proactive and energetic ("pace"), so the name PACE was established!

These are what we do – here’s the “how”

By holding monthly meetings:

  • Seek out a variety of topics, speakers and venues, including professional development, social events, famil visits, networking opportunities.

Identifying and engaging with influential and relevant stakeholders:

  • Management Team members regularly meet with Recruitment Agencies, Strategic Pay and other organisations to advocate for and promote our profession, discuss payscales, discuss the job market and current trends.
  • Continue to raise our public profile so stakeholders know who we are, ideally approaching us.

Providing access to relevant resources:

  • Articles can easily be shared or requested between members on the website, via the member dashboard and event presentations.

Proactively supporting and mentoring:

  • Ensure all members are welcomed and new members especially are introduced to other members.
  • Supporting new EAs to CEs.
  • Support members in times of need, either personally or professionally.
  • Identify and mentor EA’s who are seeking to climb the ladder to CE level.

Providing professional development opportunities:

  • Hold a Bi-annual Professional Development workshop.
  • We share information shared on other training, workshops and seminars.
  • Make contact with suitable training organisations, negotiate special rates or discounts for members to attend training.

Sharing relevant vacancies:

  • Recruitment agencies actively request PACE to advertise relevant jobs out to members.
  • PACE members letting the management team know when opportunities come up at their workplace.

Providing leadership opportunities within the organisation:

  • Management team.
  • Opportunity to join sub committees, for instance the current Professional Development sub-committee.
  • Opportunities to deliver a talk/presentation at outside training PA/EA sessions.
To join now, visit http://pace.org.nz/user/register