PACE Alumni

PACE Alumni Group

Would you like to continue your connections with past PACE members and share your achievements, along with enjoying some activities together?   The PACE Alumni Group has been set up to enable past members to reconnect with each other.  Whether you have retired, left to have a baby or moved on to another role, everyone is welcome to join the Alumni Group. 

Membership is free of charge although you will have to pay for activities. 

If you are interested please contact:  Margaret Gabbitas on 021 330 408 or

It’s simply a matter of advising your name, email address and contact phone number.

Purpose of the PACE Alumni Group

To inspire PACE’s Alumni community to feel engaged and connected through activities that are designed to promote pride in their achievements as EAs to CEs and the collective success of PACE members.

Membership Composition

All previous members of PACE are eligible for membership of the PACE Alumni Group

Alumni committee composition

The aim of the Alumni Group is not to burden any individual with administrative work, but to get this group underway,  Sue Reeves, Judi Whitcher and Margaret Gabbitas have volunteered to form the initial committee.  They will co-ordinate the membership list, liaise with members and set up the first get together in 2023.  They will also liaise with the PACE Management Committee.

  1. The PACE Alumni Group will have its own Administrator and additional two or more members of an Alumni Committee who will liaise with members.
  2. The Alumni Group Administrator and members of the Alumni Committee need to have a keen interest in the past, present and future of PACE; good interpersonal and communication skills; enthusiasm for meeting new people; be self-motivated and have access to email and internet.
  3. Members of the PACE Alumni Committee will be appointed for two years with a right of renewal for one further term, at which point they would retire from the Committee.


The PACE Alumni Group/Administrator will:

  • Establish and maintain the Alumni membership database;
  • Share the membership database with the PACE Management Team so Alumni members can be invited to special events;
  • Inform members of PACE events to which all Alumni will be invited;
  • Meet on a regular basis and liaise with members of the Alumni to arrange informal activities;
  • Act as contact/link for all prior PACE members;
  • Offer informal information to all prospective members.