Tuesday, 27 February 2018 - 5:30pm
James Cook Hotel
147 The Terrace
New Zealand
2018-02-27 17:30:002018-02-27 17:30:00Pacific/AucklandWORKFIT START workshopJames Cook Hotel, 147 The Terrace, Wellington

Did you know that ‘Sitting Syndrome’ is predicted to pass obesity as our number one killer in the next five years?

Evidence suggests that prolonged sitting is common in workplaces and is being recognised as an important health issue that needs attention.

It is important to know what to do to counter the negative effects of ‘Sitting Syndrome’ that is so prevalent in this digital age.

Experience the solution with our WORKFIT START Wellbeing workshop where you get to explore your own work/life balance. Discover how you can make small changes in your daily habits which can give you big results. Learn about Office and Lack of Movement Syndromes and how they are impacting on you.

Immediate WORKFIT benefits:

  • Staff feel uplifted and focused
  • Easy integrated movement that everyone can do
  • Health and Safety issues from sitting minimalised

Medium and long-term WORKFIT benefits:

  • Enhancing mental performance and resilience
  • Improving team performance
  • Reducing the possibility of chronic illnesses
  • Avoiding repetitive strain injuries
  • Reducing staff absenteeism